Customer Endorsements



“We appreciate the ability to speak with an expert at El Sol Travel when dealing with complex travel matters. 
They provide excellent customer service to our employees and guests and we feel fortunate to work with this company!”                             
Patricia Choate, Business Manager, University of Arizona School of Dance;



“My name is Stephanie Birchard, and I am an account manager with CyraCom who travels a lot for business. I have very easy access to scheduling my flights etc. through Concur, however, I have found that speaking with your incredibly professional, kind, and competent staff at El Sol Travel adds another layer of personal care and client services.

Though I have many examples, I do want to thank Leslie for her great work on 05/25 at 3:18 PM PST who seamlessly booked me for a very complicated trip with several stops, but also at the lowest cost to our company. She remained cool, calm, and collected as I gave her my convoluted schedule and did not mind walking through different possibilities with me. Leslie is a gem of a worker, and I have had her on the line quite often.

Because I work in client services, I know what to look for in service provisions. It is my modest opinion that your team has it all right, and we are fortunate to have your services. And even when flights get cancelled, your solutions are in place before I even leave the plane. Wow!”


I frequently reach out to your team for booking flights and have, on several occasions required some 'special' assistance as a result of flight cancellations, delays and other travel cacophony.

This was the case yesterday when all flights were cancelled from Asheville, NC to Charlotte enroute to San Francisco.  I called the provided number by CyraCom and reached Rhonda.  She was attentive, found my information quickly and offered tangible alternative solutions.  Not just that, she offered to call AA herself and see what we can do while I was tasked with other obligations as a result.  She was my team in that moment when I felt stressed out.  With her support and customer service, I was able to make it with the best solution to flying.





Dear Chris,


As a partner of Concur’s for fifteen years now, I want to again thank you and your colleagues for the partnership we have, and El Sol’s ability to deliver both our Concur Travel and Concur Expense products to your clients.   Delivering technology that grows and adds capabilities as fast as Concur’s solutions does takes a calculated and qualified team on the agency side.  I have found that the combination of you, Brenda and Kristii, with the teams under each of you respectfully, provide the resources that continue to uphold the product experience that Concur wants each of our mutual clients to have. 


Certainly El Sol has been testing and delivering the latest in Concur Travel functionality to its clients very well since the beginning of our partnership.  I am also pleased to see how El Sol has taken on and helped Concur deliver the end-to-end product offering with our true integrated Concur Travel and Concur Expense process.  Having completed numerous integrated implementations in conjunction with Concur, you should consider yourselves successful and ahead of the learning curve to many as it relates to the true integration processes.


Thank you and the team again for our partnership.



Will Elliott | Senior Alliance Manager

Concur |

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